Yuji Hamamura, the resin artist 

レジンアーティスト 濵村裕二

Yuji was born in Saikai-City, Nagasaki. After working in a large information technology firm in Tokyo for many years, he decided to come back to his hometown because he thought that's the place where he wanted to raise his kids.


Yuji started creating things when he was little and kept his enthusiasm through his life no matter at schools or at his work. He loves cooking as well as handcraft creating that he even created his own seasoning.


Im 2017, he found a "transparant rasin table" in a shop occasionally. He was very much attracted by it and immediately wanted to have it. However, it was too expensive to afford! Therefore, he began to learn how to make the rasin art by himself.


In order to cover the materials cost, he started to sell his crafts on the Internet. He received way more feedback and orders from all over and that's way beyond his expectation. Due to the large quantity of orders, he quit his full-time job and focused on his rasin crafts.


The main themes of his works are tropical beaches and oceans. He tries to express the reality of underwater landscapes that he has seen from his hobby, diving, into rasin crafts.


He keeps inventing new styles of techniques by himself and also collaborated with other artists to find new methods to apply with new materials.


His works became popular gradually in this field and even won several awards as well as lots of compliments from all over.


Other than interior decorations and household utensils, he is currently exploring the new possibilities on mixed media art by resin.

Yuji Hamamura comments

"I didn't go to an art school nor have I studied any art, I think I'm lack of the sense of art.


In my works I want to express the reality of the beautiful underwater landscapes that I've seen from hundreds of dives that I've done so far.


I work together with other artists to make sea animals using materials such as plastic boards and films.


I also discovered that there're new chemical reactions (the positive feelings and inspirations when combining different materials together) occur and that makes us happy and want to share my crafts to the public more.


I actually don't know many materials on rasin works, so I mainly use natural materials such as sand, corals. stones and shells. In order to make crafts more vividly, I correct materials from all over the world. Most of the materials cannot be used on my crafts directly, they need to be transformed by some particular methods before they can be used. And the researches about the materials are my daily job now.


Then, I can start making crafts by using those polished materials to express my viewpoints. I think I put a lot of efforts on making the water as clear as possible by using transparent acrylic panels as the base and only 2 to 3 colored resin to express the clearness of the ocean.


I'm proud to say that I've discovered particular methods to make waves and the shadows under the sun light. And the result is, people get healed by just looking at my crafts. I'm really glad to know that my crafts provide such positive influences.


Maybe I'm not a real artist yet, but me and my family are more than happy to make these healing crafts."





 The 17th Zen Public Exhibition

     (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art)

 Award of Excellence in the three-dimensional category


 Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2019 (AFAF 2019 Award)
       Awarded in a public exhibition of new creators


 SHIBUYA AWARDS 2019       Prize


​ 2nd Exhibition All Japan Art   Second prize

​       https://www.alljapanart.com/



 Sep: the 3rd ZEN Exhibition at the Saitama Museum of Modern Art

 Sep: KIZUNA Exhibition at the GALLERY ART POINT (Ginza Gallary)

 Nov: Christmas Exhibition in Hakata

 Dec: Mixed Media 2019 at the GALLERY ART POINT (Ginza Gallary)


 Feb: 2nd Public Exhibition All Japan Art

 Feb: 3331 ART FAIR https://artfair.3331.jp

 Mar: 45th Exhibition ZEN Spring Selection 2020 (Daikoku-ya, Ginza)

 May: Japanese Today's Visual Arts Exhibition in Croatia 2020